• Background of Limbic Entertainment

    Limbic Entertainment develops and sells game software on both a national and an international level. Our core competences are game design, programming, and project management.

    Since Limbic's foundation in 2002 we have released over 60 product versions which have been published in more than a dozen countries. We're currently focused on client based games, but we're also experienced in making and hosting browser games.

    Together, the three founders of Limbic – Stephan Winter, Eike Radunz and Alexander Frey – have more than 50 years of experience in the games industry. The WIBank (formerly InvestitionsBank Hessen AG) holds a minority interest in Limbic. Also, we interact closely with the Business Angels Network Rhein-Main.

    Our team currently consists of about 50 people. Whether we plan an in-house development or work for our business partners, we can always draw from our pool of game designers, project managers, and coders in order to compile the perfect team for the job. Some tasks, as for example visual arts, are usually outsourced to our competent long-term partners. 

    Before starting Limbic, the founders were game developers at Sunflowers GmbH, one of Germany's leading computer game producers. Sunflowers sold about 5,2 million copies of the ANNO-Series, which makes ANNO the most successful computer game series from a german-speaking country. During their time at Sunflowers, Winter, Radunz and Frey contributed to titles such as ANNO 1602 – NINA, ANNO 1503 and TechnoMage.

    After its foundation, Limbic Entertainment first specialized in educational games.  „Mein Pferdehof“, Limbic's client based horse farm simulation with action elements, was released in 2003 and sold more than 800.000 times (PC and GBA). To this day it is one of the most successful german PC games for children. In 2006, Limbic's "Colorelli" was the runner-up in the "Best Children's Game" category of the German Developer's Award (Deutscher Entwicklerpreis). Germany's first cross platform team as well as the first PlayStation2 team were founded by Limbic.

    Today, Limbic's focus lies on games for a grown-up target group. In cooperation with Ubisoft, we lately released the DLC for Might & Magic Heroes VI as well as Might & Magic X Legacy.

    Please click here for a choice of references, and view our Picture Gallery to get an impression of our office rooms. We're looking forward to your visit with us in Langen!

  • Vision Statement

    lat. limbic: a term for the portions of the central nervous system, including the hippocampus, amygdaloid nucleus, and portions of the midbrain, that are associated with certain autonomic functions and various emotions including pleasure, fear and happiness.

    You have choices, too.

    You can take the blue pill, or the red pill.

    You can go work for the machine, work mandatory eighty hour weeks in a massive sweatshop publisher-owned studio with hundreds of other drones, laboring to build the new, compelling photorealistic driving game-- with the same basic gameplay as Pole Position.

    Or you can defy the machine.

    You can choose to starve for your art, to beg, borrow, or steal the money you need to create a game that will set the world on fire.

    You can choose to riot in the streets of Redwood City, to down your tools and demand an honest wage for an honest eight-hour day.

    You can choose to find an alternate distribution channel, a different business model, a path out of the trap the game industry has set itself.

    You can choose to remember WHY we love games—and to ensure that, a generation from now, there are still games worthy of our love.

    You can start today.


    (Source: Greg Costikyan's site)

  • Our Competences

    Working professionally is important to us, both within the team and with our business partners. We adapt to our partner's projects, processes and standards and communicate in a target-oriented way in order to maintain a smooth production process.


    Gaming is communication. One of our tasks is to understand and implement gamers’ wishes. We always keep an eye on recent developments in the games business, and we have obtained good results by involving fans in the development process. Another important task is to interact constructively with our business partners. We use specialized communication and collaboration tools to keep our partners up to date and always give them a good insight into the development process. 

    Project management

    Our project management adapts to the respective project and to our business partners’ needs. Each partner gets a dedicated project manager who tunes in to their processes and standards. Our project managers are proficient in the different types of professional project planning. And no matter which way we choose, meeting deadlines and staying in budget are highly important to us. However, everyone who knows the business also knows that there are certain cases when this is impossible. So, when in spite of all the good planning the shit hits the fan, we’re flexible enough to revise project plans in accordance with our partners in order to bring the project to a successful ending.

    Technical Know-how

    The technical knowledge we’ve gathered over the years helps us to pick the right technology for the project. Our programming unit consists of people who are skilled and experienced in implementing projects with multifarious requirements.

    Game design

    The conceptualization and direction of projects represent one of the most important parts in the production of a new game. At least one dedicated game designer is assigned to each game project. The designer is responsible for all design processes and monitors the project’s vision throughout the development. This ensures a consistent direction of game logic, rules and content, which allows us to meet the highest standards while sticking to the timeline.

  • Our Partners

    These are only some of the companies, we have been working with over the last past years. If you are interested in working with us, please feel free to contact us.

  • Photo Gallery

    Some impressions from our studio!